Family Law

"It is the part of civil law, which aims at family legal relations, conjugal relations, paternal families, both in their personal and patrimonial aspects, guardianship and the other institutions for the protection of minors and the disabled constitute the central axis: family, marriage and filiation ”.
Speaking of family law in the same way, thought has evolved as society has suffered, so to speak, a series of progresses and currents of thought as progressive thought is now called as opposed to retrograde thought that are in favor of ideas or attitudes from past times, already outdated, while for others these ideas do not stop passing over time just as the rain does not stop falling day after day despite the inclement weather itself and which results in the cultivation from the field; In the same way, the ideological doctrine of fundamentalism affirms that the family or family law is based on the principle and the origin of the same, constituting the basis of society despite the passage of time, remaining unscathed, but leaving opportunity for the diversity.
Now there is debate or talk about the resignification of families of the variety, which is the binding effect in our legal system when we deal with families on gender identity and the right to equality and non-discrimination, therefore, there is already talk of a family right from diversity.
The world is no longer debating about giving a new resignification to the family, since when resignifying is the "action and effect of meaning, meaning of a word or phrase, redoing", therefore the current society in progressive quotation marks have given a new meaning to the family by using the prefix Re denoting the "reintegration or repetition" of what should be understood as family, and by assimilating the diversity of the family, we no longer only find traditional families, single parents, extensive families and families homosexuals. In our Constitution article 67 says: “The family is recognized in its various types. The State will protect it as the fundamental nucleus of society and will guarantee conditions that fully favor the achievement of its goals ... "

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