Mayan Law Firm

A national firm with international standards

Our attorneys are experts in the firm's practice areas and provide legal services with the highest standards of excellence. Our team offers services to national and international clients. Given our international and interdisciplinary team, we adequately respond to our clients' needs and standards.  foreign jurisdictions, which allows us to adequately respond to their needs with the standards they expect.

An Office with impact on society

Our work as lawyers goes beyond the legal services we provide to our clients.

We understand companies as projects that are led and worked by people. This is precisely the main value that distinguishes us as an office – our human dimension. We want to be strategic partners for our clients.


Law and Society

We maintain a constant dialogue with society. We owe ourselves to the society, we are attentive to its evolution and want to add value to the business projects of each country and city, to proposals that create wealth and promote economic and social progress, from the Law field. Our goal is to impact society, actively participating in it with our input of legal technical knowledge.


Strategic partners

We partner with our customers, to get to know them and help them meet their day-to-day and specific operations' needs. Our legal services are driven by strategic thinking. We arrived at this strategic approach through industry knowledge from different areas of Law.


Legal Innovation

Generating innovative legal solutions in all areas of Law has always been in the DNA of the office. To this feature, the evolution of our services is added to address the new challenges posed by the digital and technological revolution. Recent examples are the development of the Blockchain, Life Sciences & Biotech and Sports & Entertainment areas, in response to the growing needs that have generated innovation in these areas.


Global approach

All companies are currently internationalised. We offer companies our vast local experience, as well as the tools, knowledge and experience to accompany them in their internationalisation processes.



Society is constantly moving forward, having accelerated the speed at which changes occur. To address this revolution, we offer our clients sophisticated legal advice with a high technical and innovative component and an agile, fast and flexible provision of services.


Over the years, our study has managed to have strategic allies of great hierarchy that allow us to provide better quality services to our clients, who are very demanding due to their activities.


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