Lawyer Carlos Chávez


Lawyer specialized in Banking, Trust, Telecommunications and Ports, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) with studies and experience in communication and strategic management, and political marketing. Management and business integration positions, both in the public and private sectors.


Master communication skills, with a high relational capacity, and conflict resolution, leadership and teamwork.


Banking, Insurance, Trust Business, Telecommunications, Port Services, Construction, International Tenders, Medical Devices, Fishing, Risk Management.


His first years he practised the legal profession (litigation, insurance, telecommunications, contracts, foreign investment) in prestigious legal firms in Guayaquil (Coronel y Pérez, Macías Hurtado & Macías Carmigniani, Ortega Trujillo, Noboa & Guzmán, Moeller Gómez Lince, Corral Rosales Carmigniani Pérez). He has held senior leadership and management positions, both public and private (Legal Director, Undersecretariat of Fisheries, Secretary of the National Fisheries Council, Secretary of the Board of the Seguros Sucre, Legal and Regulatory Vice President of Pacifictel, Director of the Association of Telecommunications Companies, Director of Banco Amazonas, General Manager Free Trade Zone, Minister of Risks Advisor, Vice Minister of Risks (e), National Manager of Fiduciary Businesses, CFN); and in various projects and initiatives for the sale of companies and business integration in both the public and private sectors, in the telecommunications, ports, real estate development and banking sectors.


Telecommunications, Contracts, Obligations, Administrative Law, Political Marketing, Crisis Management, Communication and Strategic Management.


  • Winner on several occasions to the academic excellence award at the Faculty of Law, School of Law, Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil.
  • Winner of the Latin American Association of Political Consultants (ALACOP) 2018 Awards, categories: (i) Ethics and (ii) Contribution to Democracy.


  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil, lawyer.
  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil and George Washington University, studies on political management for governance.
  • George Washington University, Strategic Communication Studies.
  • Universidad Carlos III (Spain), studies on telecommunications regulation.

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